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Burn Injuries and Legal Liability - Consult Paul Dansker

Burn injuries are especially painful and often require extensive medical treatment. A burn injury patient may have to endure multiple surgeries, skin grafts, physical therapy, and other medical treatment. Burn injuries suffered in fires are often accompanied by smoke inhalation injuries, which are also damaging and difficult to treat.
Proving Legal Liability in Burn Injury Cases Requires Experienced Legal Counsel
In burn injury lawsuits, judges and juries tend to be sympathetic to victims. But defence attorneys use several tactics to fight back.
Few injuries cause as much physical and emotional devastation as burns to the face and body. When those burns are due to the fault of others, the victim should be compensated for both economic and non-economic costs.

Mr. Paul Dansker led Dansker & Aspromonte a personal injury attorney firm who specializes in burn injuries and all type of personal injury issues can explain to the victim and his or her family how much compensation that can amount to. In addition to all medical and health related costs (emergency care, long-term care, follow-up surgeries, medications, therapy, adaptations of the home or vehicles to accommodate disabilities), the pain and emotional suffering, as well as the interruption of a career and lost wages, all incur significant expense. Burn injuries caused by the negligence of another party should not create such a financial burden on the victim.

In a burn injury lawsuit, the cause-and-effect explanation of the injury plays a critical role. But defence attorneys will attempt to undermine the victim's case in a number of ways:


Challenges your burn injury expert witness - Burn injury plaintiffs have one or several experts testify as to how the accident happened, what its effects on the victim were and what the long-term prognosis is for recovery. The defence will attempt to undermine the credibility or knowledge of that witness.
Suggest that the injury was due to your own negligence - While juries tend to be sympathetic to burn injury victims, the defence attorney may look for opportunities to show the victim, or a third party, was instead responsible for the injury.
Unguarded social media discussion - Lawyers for the defence are allowed to view publicly available information on the plaintiff if they do not violate certain "no contact rules" in the process. This means if the victim/plaintiff voluntarily shares photos, videos or other content on the Internet, it might undermine claims of injury or psychological stress, which can be used against that person in trial.

Because of these and other factors, the victim should engage an experienced burn injury lawyer. Attorneys with experience in burn injuries will choose qualified expert witnesses, construct a strong case strategy and will guide the victim-plaintiff to eliminate extraneous factors (such as Internet postings) that have the potential to undermine their litigation.


If you or someone close to you has suffered a burn injury due to the negligence of another, the New York personal injury lawyers at Paul Dansker led Dansker & Aspromonte are here to help. We have obtained hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of injury victims throughout the New York City metropolitan area.

Contact us today online or by telephone at 800-510-9695 to speak with experienced NYC burn injury attorneys.

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