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Damages Resulting From Roadway Defects - Paul Dansker

Your brake system and suspension can take a serious beating during your daily drives. This is especially true if you encounter deep potholes or other roadway defects along your driving route. Whether you constantly encounter the same pothole or you have one damaging run in, it is important to keep cities and municipalities accountable to their responsibility to maintain the roads.
Whether it is a pothole, dip, or other damaging road defect, it is important for the roads that you drive on to be properly maintained. Damage to your car is more than just a frustration or nuisance. It can be expensive to repair, costly time taken away from your daily responsibilities, and possibly even a contributing factor in a dangerous accident. If traffic keeps you from avoiding the large pothole in your way, your car could suffer serious damage.

If a pothole or dip is deep enough, hitting it at high speed may leave you with serious body damage to your car. Or worse, this type of incident may even cause a dangerous tire blow out. Often a sharp impact is all that it takes to cause a tire to blow. Hitting a pothole at high speeds can also cause serious damage to your brake system. Replacing a tire, rim, or front suspension can be a considerable expense, and one you may not be responsible for paying. The legal system is in its place to protect innocent citizens against the negligence of others. You may be able to secure compensation for damages resulting from an accident caused by road defects through a successful personal injury lawsuit.

When you need representation after a defective roadway design accident, you can call on the experienced team at Paul Dansker & Aspromonte. With over three decades of legal experience, including a 95% trial success rate, we will investigate your case and will represent you from start to finish. We work hard to get maximum compensation for your injuries, and we never charge fees until we either win or settle your case.

Contact today online or by telephone at 800-510-9695 to speak with experienced NYC personal injury attorney.
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