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Minor accidents can lead to serious head and brain injury. Contact Paul Dansker for help

Paul Dansker is one of the most preferred personal injury lawyers in New York

Thousands of accidents occur in NYC every day. Thankfully, many of these accidents result in minor injuries, such as a few cuts and bruises. Other times it is just a simple knock on the head, leaving the victim with a slight headache for a while, after which they believe they are okay. However, both medical personnel and NYC Brain Injury Lawyers like Mr. Paul Dansker highly advise seeking medical attention for any type of head injury, no matter how slight.

Dansker & Aspromonte Associates headed by Paul Dansker and Salvatore Aspromonte are Experienced, Successful New York Brain Injury Lawyers with Results exceeding $100 Million in Damages

This is because even a seemingly minor injury can often lead to more serious problems in the future. Head injuries are nothing to dismiss, even if they only leave a tine bump. NYC Brain Injury Lawyers have seen many cases where even a very slight head injury resulted in seizures, loss of vision, trouble with motor skills, and many other serious maladies and life changing results.

If you or a loved one has been in any type of accident where you suffered an injury to the head, it is important to be thoroughly tested. Many individuals choose not to receive such thorough examinations because they can cost a good deal of money, and settlements offered by insurance companies sometimes don’t include costs for such tests. But a NYC Brain Injury Lawyer will ensure that you get proper medical care and treatment and compensation you deserve to cover such expenses. Speak with an experienced attorney today so that you not only ensure that you receive proper care and treatment for your injuries, but also so that you receive a fair settlement that will cover any future medical expenses as well, if necessary.

The NYC brain injury attorneys at Paul Dansker & Aspromonte have handled hundreds of serious brain damage cases with results exceeding $100 million dollars in damage for our clients.

Providing Comprehensive Representation in Brain Injury Cases


At Dansker & Aspromonte, the list of brain injury cases we take on is extensive, including:
• Recurrent head injuries
• Comatose patients
• Permanent vertigo
• The loss of all sense of smell and taste
• Fractured skulls
• Reduction in IQ
• Traumatic retardation
• Traumatic epilepsy
• Cognitive dysfunction
• Brain hemorrhage
• Swelling of the brain
• Subdural hematoma
• Cerebral palsy

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